Sunday, March 16, 2014

Past Saturdays.

Hello peeps,  it have been awhile since my last update..

Anw, I'm sure everyone of you knows that Malaysia Airline MH370 went missing and I believe that everybody is praying really hard for them and personally I have been following the news since I heard about it and I hope that there are survival even though it have even more than a week.

Putting that aside, I'm currently in my Boyf's office (yes, on a Sunday).. He's having 2 appt today..

For the past 2 Saturdays (including yesterday), I have been tagging along with Boyf to house visiting for photo taking of past project.. Meanwhile, I will take reference of the houses I have visited (and going to) visit as a reference of our house in future :)

Really like the concept of minimalist.. Everything seems so neat and clean.. If you're looking for a interior designer or exploring other choices, feel free to drop your email in the comment box and I will get my Boyf to contact you? :) (no worries, my comment will all be moderated,. Thus in order to give you the privacy, your email will not be disclosed.)

In April, I will be visiting more houses.. And I will post the designs that I love on both Instagram and blog.. So do follow me and see if there's any design that interest you..

Till then, byebye!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Review: Cute socks from Qoo10.

Hello peeps!

My colleague intro me to intype for really cute socks!
Go on to their store, they have photos of how it looks like when wore!

Price: 9 + 1 free socks for $20.52 (inclusive of normal postage)

Delivery: Brought on 14 February received on 24 February. This time I only use Korea Normal Mail.

My sockssssss!
I have 11 socks here (actually there another black ankle socks), so it's a total of 12. 

There's 2 socks were OOS and the seller replaced 2 socks for me + another for free.
So the inital 9 pairs + 1 pairs free = 10 pairs
10 pairs free 2, thus I have a total of 12.

Given the case if my socks are not OOS, I will only have 10 pairs.

In summary,
Positive: Seller was really good, Cheap & Fast delivery. Quality is really good too!
Negative: Nothing negative! :)

I will definitely purchase from them again, have favourite their page!

If you have any good buys from ANYWHERE, share with me!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Late: Xmas Steamboat

Just a lil short post & warning, I have a very messy house...

Held a really simple steamboat dinner @ home.   

My didi (looks like a nerd/retard in this pic) & his girlf. 

My mummy cleaning up the dishes or probably is taken while she's preparing?

Either way, the youngster are busy watching tv and playing their devices.

Missing my elder bro & his girlf in this photo because they are late.

Anyway, after my bro & his girlf got back.. We kinda got into a very awkward scenario because my bro's girlf is very quiet and seldom interact with us.. Till now it's still the same even though she met almost all my relatives.. 

OH WELL~ kthxbbye!