Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Sorry if you are expecting me to continue my Taiwan post. Please allow me to just end it there.

Too much things have happened and as much as I wish to have a space to express myself, I also wish to keep it private. 

I will try to keep up with blogging again but yea, when I have the feel for it. I do have things to share like 
- my trip to taiwan with bff, 
- what make got me started watching One Piece and why I am addicted to it
- tried Dota for the first time and how I feel about it (I actually stopped for now, but it's fun)
- visited One Piece theme cafe in Msia (You prolly know if you are following me on IG)

Since I have the time now, I will talk about my current status in obtaining ACCA.

I don't know if you guys know but I started studying ACCA since I'm 20 and now I am already 24, I am still at level 2 with 4 papers remaining, 5 papers in 5 years?! (maybe 6 or 7 papers? since im clearing 1 or 2 more in this dec.)

Frankly speaking, I took some breaks in between and failed quite a numbers of papers for more than twice, and it's all borderline passes. I guessed I just suck at studying but I have no other choice but to continue.

Here's my plan for the upcoming papers: 
To complete level 2 by next year and my degree by 2017.
I am not sure if I should continue on with the professional papers, since I am already having a hard time with level 2. Should I or should I not?

Anyway for those we doesn't understand how PER works, here's the simplest explanation:
- just get ANYONE in your workplace who is CERTIFIED to be your mentor.
- you don't have to work under an approved employer (plus point - they can give exemptions)

Anything you are not sure about ACCA? Let me know and see if I have the answer to your questions :) Otherwise, please contact ACCA. Drop them a call or something, you pay so much for their student membership! Make full use of them lah!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Taiwan - Taipei: Day 1

Taking a break from my studies.


1pm 九份 Jiu Fen,
3pm 十分大瀑布 Shi Fen Waterfall &
3.30pm 十分 Shi Fen Old Street
5pm 廟口夜市 Keelung Miao Kou Night Market

How to go: Basically we took a train from Ximending (where our hotel is) to Ruifang Station. After which we grab a cab for TWD2,300 

When you step out of the station, you can see lots of cab waiting. All the taxi collect the same charges, so just make your way to the taxi stand and someone will serve you. Below is the places they go (I have also translated the following package into English):

九份 Jiu Fen
A: Nanya Strange Rock Scenic Area --> Keelung Peace Island --> Remains of Copper Refinery --> Golden Waterfall --> Jiu Fen Old Street

B: Jiu Fen Old Street --> Shi Fen Waterfall --> Shi Fen Old Street --> Taipei

C: Jiu Fen Old Street --> Yeh Liu Geopark --> Taipei

D: Nanya Strange Rock Scenic Area --> Keelung Peace Island --> Remains of Copper Refinery --> Golden Waterfall --> Jiu Fen Old Street --> Shi Fen Waterfall --> Shi Fen Old Street --> Taipei

十分大瀑布 Shi Fen Waterfall
Be prepared to walk for at least 20 mins uphill before you can reach here even though you took a cab. 

十分 Shi Fen Old Street
You can just go to any stores, I remember all being the same price.

The trains still using the track, so halfway through your photo taking(above).. You will need to get out of the track.

廟口夜市 Keelung Miao Kou Night Market
Their seafood here are the freshest! Must have is their 奶油螃蟹 (Butter crab)!

My boyf also tried out their games store. He's a marksman! ahahahah!
When we're done, we switched on our GPS and walked our way to the train station. It's about 10 to 15mins away.

Anyway, I hope so far my itinerary had help you in some way or another. If you have any queries, just drop me an email or widget on the left :)

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Taiwan - Taichung: Day 2 (Part 2)

Sorry on the long hiatus. I was busy with school & work (took on some freelance projects. If you are interested n engaging on accounting services, you can feel free to drop me an email).

Let me continue on with my taiwan trip:


After 九族文化村, we continue on to 18℃巧克力工房,老英格蘭,清境農場 & 小瑞士花園.

18℃巧克力工房, can be a rest stop for you guys. It's just a place that you can buy chocolates & ice creams. Their retail store for chocolates are maintain at 18 degrees and limits the no of people to enter each time (so that it will not affect the temperature within the store). You are required to order the chocolates outside the store and enter to purchase when it's your turn.

3.30pm - 老英格蘭 (No entrance fee needed)
This is how it looks like from afar.

Breathtaking view.
This is actually a minsu (guesthouse). If you check out their website, you can see how beautiful their interior is. The gate is actually locked and only guest can enter. So if you really want to visit, you might want to consider going in for high tea etc..

4pm - 清境農場青青草原 (NT160 for weekday & NT200 for weekend)

I took a short horse ride!
This is my 白马 & my 王子 is taking photos & videos of me!

Actually we walked for 2 hrs. I have no idea where we had walked, we just follow along the route till our taxi uncle lost us. lols. However I just did a search found the path that we can walked on their website they shows where we can actually walked to.

I only remember "步步高升" because the long flight of stairs are unforgettable. Luckily for us, we are heading down instead of going up.

6pm: 小瑞士花園 (Free tickets if you had your meal at 紙箱王)

We were really tired and hungry, thus we just had our meal here. And also to take the chance to rest our leg. We didn't expect us to walk such a distance, it wasn't in our itinerary. lols.
Our drinks is in the carton box. You can actually bring it back and use it like a piggy bank.

Some of the stuffs we had, the others pic was blurred.

After dinner, we just took a walk in 小瑞士花園 (since it's free). But it's freezing cold we had to get the warm pack from 7-11. I would say that it's rather small.. I wouldn't want to pay to get in though..

Shots of the water show.

FYI, there's no bench for the piano..

Deleted quite a few pics because it's all blurry, boyf probably shivering from the cold.

Finally, this is the end of my taichung trip. Next post onwards will be on Taipei! Btw, I am going Taiwan again in July. Planning to go Kaohsiung, any must eat or must visit place to introduce?? Help appreciated!

Taiwan - Taipei: Day 1