Friday, August 5, 2016

Japan Trip

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So a few days back, I finally bought my Air Ticket to Japan and I'm going alone! 9days8nights!
Planning to go Tokyo, Kyoto & Osaka.

Are there any places that I must not miss and recommendation to which area I should stay or any lodging to recommend?

If you are willing to share your itinerary with me, do email it to
I will be so so so grateful!

Anyway I will be updating this particular post on my Japan Trip, so do check back :)

3rd Nov - 11th Nov 2016 

Pre-Trip Expenses: 
Flight: ANA $653

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Korea Trip

It really have been awhile. I have no idea what I have been busy with but here I am now.

So a few weeks back, I went on a trip with my friends to KOREA - SEOUL!
To summarise everything, it's a shopping heaven for ladies and guys are there as slaves (in our case).

23th May - 30th May 2016 
Exchange rate - 834 (against SGD)

Pre-Trip Expenses: 
Asiana Airlines - S$681.30/pax 
Expedia. I DO NOT recommend you using Expedia, their customer servicer are simply F-up! Even though it's my mistake in the first place, I made mistakes on my friend's surname and my name. 

- My friend's surname is Tang but I keyed in Tan 
- My name is suppose to be Chan M** Y* but I because I login through Facebook, it logged in as Joanna Chan

Once I realised the mistake, I immediately drop a call to Expedia. FYI, we book the tickets on the 23 Jan. Since then, we have been calling in Expedia and the case is still on-going at the end of April. Manage to change my friend's surname during the process without any fees charged but they refused to change mine. 

For my case, they insist that the airline do not agree with the change even though we mentioned that we accept to pay if there's any admin fee charges. They insist that I will need to purchase a new air ticket (Money suckers). So we head down to the airport and look for the airline counter, we need to speak to someone direct from the airline. 

I am so glad that I'm being served by Cheryl, she helped me to liaise with the sales staffs who will in turn liaise with Expedia. As my air ticket have been cancelled by Expedia, she have to re-issue a ticket for me and I will have to pay for the re-issue, which at this point I am desperate and am really glad I don't have to purchase a new air ticket. Anyway for the payment of re-issue, I'm suppose to pay to Expedia but because they did contact me at all, so it was not charged on me :D

In any case, I am really thankful towards Cheryl and all my friends who have helped me to communicate with the Expedia staffs.

Wifi egg - 77,000 won 
KT, 2 devices for 7 days, each device can connect up to 3 users - unlimited usage.
Easy pickup and drop off at the airport. Note: Activate your credit card for overseas usage as they will need your credit card details as 'deposit'. Otherwise you will have to deposit 400k won.

iHouse Chin Chin for 6 nights - Deluxe Family Suite S$235.82/pax

Pros: There's direct bus to Hongik University Station. Bus 6, check with them on the direction.
Cons: You have to carry your luggages up to the stairs, no lift. FYI we stayed on the 3rd floor. Thanks  my dear guy friends!

You can read the reviews from others on For me, I will definitely consider staying here again, provided I have a guy with me. LOLS!

What to expect in Korea:
- Google map does not works in Korea! (Try Apple map instead)
- There's only stairs in almost all their 'MRT' stations. Know where you are exiting, unless you need more exercise. 
- If the taxi driver does not want to run their meters, dont take it. Walk away from the touristy area before you flag for a taxi. Have your address to be written in Hangul, if not they won't understand. Their drivers are not very good with the maps, ask the drivers if they know that location before you get on.

- There's really nothing much for the guys, the only place that my guy friends enjoyed shopping is at Hongik University and Lotte Mart(Snacks&Ramen). 
- Depending on airline check in luggage T&C, you might want to consider sending your Lotte Mart buys back to your Home using EMS. They have a EMS Counter.

- GUYS! DO NOT GO GANGNAM UNDERGROUND SHOPPING W THE GIRLS! You will only be slave over there. There's practically nothing for guys, so be prepared.

- At least a minimum of 30k won, to qualify for tax refund.
- At the counter always mentioned 'tax refund', so they will give you the tax refund receipt.
- Some tax refund can be done on the spot, while some is at the airport.

How much to change:
- Guys, you only need to change about $1k if you do not intend to help your friends to get stuffs back to Singapore. 
- Ladies, it varies from S$1.5k to $2k. It really depends on what you intend to shop there. Stocking up your 1 year worth of makeup and buying of new makeups to try. Do your research on products you want to buy and the price of it in your local currency or even in their currency if possible, to have a better gauge.

I will not posting my itinerary cause it's all shopping.
Lastly, I hopes all these information helps. If you have any more questions, feel free to drop me a comment or email me at :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Sorry if you are expecting me to continue my Taiwan post. Please allow me to just end it there.

Too much things have happened and as much as I wish to have a space to express myself, I also wish to keep it private. 

I will try to keep up with blogging again but yea, when I have the feel for it. I do have things to share like 
- my trip to taiwan with bff, 
- what make got me started watching One Piece and why I am addicted to it
- tried Dota for the first time and how I feel about it (I actually stopped for now, but it's fun)
- visited One Piece theme cafe in Msia (You prolly know if you are following me on IG)

Since I have the time now, I will talk about my current status in obtaining ACCA.

I don't know if you guys know but I started studying ACCA since I'm 20 and now I am already 24, I am still at level 2 with 4 papers remaining, 5 papers in 5 years?! (maybe 6 or 7 papers? since im clearing 1 or 2 more in this dec.)

Frankly speaking, I took some breaks in between and failed quite a numbers of papers for more than twice, and it's all borderline passes. I guessed I just suck at studying but I have no other choice but to continue.

Here's my plan for the upcoming papers: 
To complete level 2 by next year and my degree by 2017.
I am not sure if I should continue on with the professional papers, since I am already having a hard time with level 2. Should I or should I not?

Anyway for those we doesn't understand how PER works, here's the simplest explanation:
- just get ANYONE in your workplace who is CERTIFIED to be your mentor.
- you don't have to work under an approved employer (plus point - they can give exemptions)

Anything you are not sure about ACCA? Let me know and see if I have the answer to your questions :) Otherwise, please contact ACCA. Drop them a call or something, you pay so much for their student membership! Make full use of them lah!