Monday, August 25, 2014

How to remove: System Volume Information

I need help in removing this folder "System Volume Information" in my F folder, it appeared after I plugged in another thumbdrive which I believed it have been customised? Because I'm unable to pull any files or delete files in it.

I tried this: Command Prompt
Step 1 : click on "Start" type "run" and press Enter (or step 1 :Win+R)
Step 2 : in the command prompt window called "Run" type "cmd" and press Enter
Step 3 : type the drive letter and a semicolon and press Enter (eg: "I:" and press enter)

Step 4 : the quotation marks are needed for this step
type : rmdir "System Volume information" /S /Q Press Enter

but I cant proceed on to Step 4, after I entered at Step 3 this message came up, '"F:"' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file"

and this: Overwriting / replacing
By creating another folder (since mine is a folder) but instead of replacing, I was prompt to merge instead.

Any IT experts able to help me, please leave a comment if you have other alternatives! Thanks!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Mouth Ulcer

Having ulcer at the side of your mouth, near the wisdom tooth area aka the cheek area is the last place you want your ulcer to be there, because it hurts even when your mouth is close and every single time you swallow your saliva! and I feel that it's f-ing swollen.

For the first two days, I suffered like hell (I can't eat, I practically swallow my food without chewing and I can't talk) and I didn't visit the doctor thinking that the remedies below will cure it:

  • Watermelon frost powder - Whenever I have ulcer, this will be the first thing that comes into my mind because it's super effective. It taste a little bitter, and it stings a little when first applied but totally bearable. This can be purchase from the chinese medical hall. (I only use this like once on day 1, at my boyf's place, because I dont have this at home & I kept forgetting to get it from the store.)

  • Rub salt directly on the ulcer - This is something that my Boyf would do and he told me that it will recover within 2 - 3 days but the pain level is extremely high for me because it stings a lot! &you are suppose to rub till it bleeds! This is definitely the last option I would use. (I didn't rub till it bleeds because with just a tiny bit of salt it hurts like hell.)

  • Rinse with warm salt water - I would do this before I apply the watermelon frost powder. I read online that it is a great way to disinfect my mouth, and it doesnt hurt at all.

  • Panadol - I tried resisting having panadol but it hurts too much for me not to have it. It doesnt helps with getting rid of the ulcer, but it's certainly helpful in getting rid of the pain.

  • Sucking on ice - I read online that it helps in numbing the pain but its really hard to keep the ice at the specific area because it's really too cold.

  • Lozenges - Whenever I suck on the lozenges, my tougue numbs. So I tried to see if it works on my ulcer, unfortunately the answer is no.

  • Drink tons of water and herbal tea - As Chinese, we believe that ulcer occurs when the body is too 'heaty' even though we bite ourselves while eating. Therefore in order to cool the body down, we have to drink lots of herbal tea & water and avoid having spicy or fried stuffs.

Day 2, I took a half day leave because I really can't concentrate at work because of the pain. Got my boyf to help me get a bottle of herbal tea and numbing gel for ulcer before fetching me but he is so thoughtful~ He got me more than a bottle, together with packets of herbal medical powder .

  • Soragel - My boyf purchased. When applied, it will stings a little and it will numbs but only for a short period. Probably because this can be purchase over the counter and it's suitable for babies, therefore the dosage are lighter.

In the middle of the night on Day 3, I woke up from my sleep and started crying~!~! Because it really really hurts badly and I called my boyf~~~ Of course there's nothing much he can do but comfort me & asked me if I would like to visit the doctor.. It makes no sense in me going to the doctor in the middle of the night because the midnight charges are crazy, so boyf suggest me to apply the numbing cream, take panadols and head back to sleep straightaway..

I woke up & went to the doctor. He gave me, Oracort E, this is really really effective! It does not hurt when applied & it numbs the area thus there's no pain at all. 

Today is my 3rd day since I applied, my ulcer is almost gone (but I cant still feel the hole) and I no longer feel the pain even without Oracort E. HOORAY!

I just know that I have a friend having ulcer on his tougue, damn! Please dont let this happen to me!

Anyway, would love to know what are your ways of dealing with ulcers? I hope this post will be able to help you :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Bangkok - Day 5 & 6

This will be my last post on BKK and at last part of this post will be reason to why I dont recommend Baiyoke Sky Hotel.

Day 1:
Day 3 & 4:

Day 5 - Just the two of us
On this day, we decided to just be on our own..
- Boyf went to collect his shirts from the tailor
- Breakfast & Naraya @ Central World
- Platinum Fashion Mall & Chatuchak
- Dinner @ Chocolate Ville

Panorama view taken from the car park.

About SGD 52, totally worth it!

Panorama view from its tower.

Definitely going back again!

But do note, it would be better to arrange with the cab driver to fetch you when you're done and make good use of google translate.

Day 6 - Last minute shopping with the girls.
While some of them (inclusive of my boyf) checked out of the hotel & checked in the airport, there's a few of us have our flight in the evening and so we took the time for some last minute shopping at MBK.

Anyway while having breakfast, my boyf did some googling and found out that the hotel (Baiyoke Sky Tower) we stayed for the last 2 nights was actually Top 10 Haunted Hotels

Here's why he googled:
By the hotel room door, there's this card slot for the electricity. 

When we first slot the card in, the electricity was on but when we walked further in (somewhere in the middle of the room), the electricity cut off. We tried this for a quite a few times and after x number of tries, we gave up & when down to their service counter & request for room exchange.

Before the room exchange, they actually sent a technician to check out the problem. So the technician tried & from his face expression, can tell that he's thinking 'What the F***?!' Without further ado, we head down to the service counter & insisted on changing the room. That 2 nights, we left almost all the lights on.

&frankly speaking, I didn't realised anything was wrong, to me it's probably really just a technical fault but because my boyf is sensitive to that kind of stuffs and at times he can sees it, I believed him. &Quite a few of us got sick after we checked in into this hotel, not sure if it's due to the dirty hotel or dirty food or maybe it's really pure coincidence?

You might want to share with me which other hotels are haunted and what is your experience? Or maybe not, I afraid that after reading your story I might have nightmare (moreover it's ghost month now).