Monday, November 3, 2014

Exercise to a better ME.

Recently I'm really determine in dropping my weight to 45kg or in another words, to burn the extra fats so that I can fit into my jeans again and also to get rid of my flabby arm. (I'm currently 49kg, at times 50kg)

Other than going for my weekly work out (martial arts - Sanda) for about 2 to 3 hours, I also cut down my eating portion and skip breakfast. They say that it's unhealthy to skip breakfast, but seriously.. whatever..

You see, I wake up bout 7.45am and start work at 9am, and what time is my lunch? 12.30pm
They say to have a heavy breakfast, so as to skip lunch (or eat light) but who have such an appetite for breakfast? &what happens in between? torture yourself with hunger? or go for snacks that's in your office pantry?

&the other reason I skipped breakfast is because, I gained weight because of that.

Being an auditor, we kind of have a flexibility of time in the morning because we alway goes into the client office an hour or so after they start work (don't wanna torture them the moment they step into their office, it will only make them grumpy and hate us even more), so we have the time for breakfast. And there are places near our client's office that serve really good breakfast, so it's hard to resist and it soon became an habit of having breakfast.

But I can't survive without coffee.

Anyway.. here's what I spent on for the sake of exercising

I brought Adidas pants for $65 and Excellerator skipping rope for $19.90 from Liang Seng.
Yoga Mat for $19.90 from Watsons.

Got the pair of pants because the pair that my coach first gotten for me was too small and the piece he reordered, has yet been received. However, after I brought it, he told me it received it. Oh well, never mind, my pants are more comfortable. 

As for the skipping rope & yoga mat, are just for some light exercise or cardio at home daily.

For cardio at home, you can visit I will put my macbook by my side so I can watch & do it along with her.

Boyf got himself a boxing glove ($80+) & inner glove ($25) from Liang Seng.

I dont know what other thinks, but my boyf strongly recommended the inner gloves because it saves the time of using the bandage style. (One of his friend actually brought the bandage style, he started bandaging before our warm up exercise and after we finished, he is still at it. Probably because it's his first time wearing it and he have to learn.)

On a ramdom Sunday.
This sunday is a sinful one. Boyf had arranged to meetup with his 'sister' together with her husband for a day out for food.

First meal of the day: Mookata @ Mookata located at kallang (opp. I12 Katong)

Here's my review:
Service, it not that great (probably because we are being served by aged guys). For some items, they have no idea what kind of meat was used (for example, their cheese balls). We have to check because boyf & I dont take beef.

Food, I think that their marinated meat can be better because I had better ones at other place. As for the chilli, they have 3 levels. If you are good with chilli on any other day food, you can go straight to the spiciest (because it's not spicy at all).

Price, can be pricy of you keep ordering the ala carte dishes.

What I like - they installed the air vent, even though you will still smells after that (not as bad as those that didnt and make sure you sit 'outside'), at least your eyes wont suffer.
What I dont like - the pot was on the table. I went somewhere the pot is 'in' table, that will reduce the oil splash on your skin.

Conclusion: Personally, probably I wont be back again.

Followed by desserts @ Sinpopo
"Sinpopo had a whole new concept & a big change to their menu, they now serve main course too (more expensive also).. If you really come here then you must have: Sng Muay Pop(used to be $3.90, now $5..) You can give the Gula Melaka Jelly but probably not the Orange Kaya Pisang Crème Brûlée and Jackfruit Tea Cake.. Too sweet!"

Followed by a drink @ FFL Fresh Fruit Lab
"Do not order the Lindemans Framboise & Magic Hat Pistill, not nice de. Bad choices made."

"Complimentary fruit juice in test tube given at the end of your meal."
Technically speaking, it doesnt matter if you order a meal or not. As long as you call for your bill, they will serve this together with the bill.. lols..

After this, we went to East Coast for a stroll (Not so bad, at least got kiakia to burn abit of fats.)

And I'm feel hungry again! Next Stop: Privé! (my boyf used to bring me there when we're dating, then we stopped because the parking was expensive!)

Wanted to order Fish & Chip, but luckily their kitchen was closed. So I skipped supper and we ordered drinks, non-alcoholic somemore. You know you are old when you're out late & you drink non-alcoholic drinks. 

The next day. Monday - Public Holiday!
We had a badminton session with boyf's colleagues. It's so fun, even though my muscles are still aching from my Saturday's training. (I wish that we can have more this session) We end off the session with Ramen @ Ikkousha Hakata Ramen.

Review: They serve really good ramen and you can customise it. Like how you want your noodle texture to be, and if the taste of your soup base (light, normal & japanese taste). The price is really reasonable, must definitely go for it!

That's all for this post. Thanks for reading & I will be back soon :)
Actually I drafted this post weeks back, but only posted it now.. Cause I think that my post doesn't seems entertaining enough and I'm not that good with words.. But in the end I posted it, cause this is the way I am :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sun-date ❤

If you followed me on IG, you probably know roughly how I spent my day.

But here's the details:

Wanted to had brunch @ Lola's cafe but we were there late, and they only serve starters & desserts. So we had no choice (because we also paid for 1hr30mins of parking) but to settle our brunch @ Ice Edge Cafe.

[Current promotion: 1 for 1 on weekdays ; 12pm to 3pm]

Whenever I'm with Boyf, my choice of food really sucks. Not because the food is bad, everything was perfect except it's a little too spicy for me, which I'm glad I order a Iced caramel latte which helps to get rid of the spiciness a little.

Boyf ordered their Seabass (was busy eating, thus no photo~), it serves with a little risotto which I love. As for the seabass, we checked with their waiter, they dont use the frozen ones. 

After I finished my drink, there's still a little spiciness on my tougue! Time for icecream!

I think they should train on how to fill the cups. The icecream that's being served to us probably filled about half a cup though it looks full, the base is empty.

Total damage on this meal: $78 (1 soup, 2 main, 2 cups of icecream, 2 drinks)

Isnt this car a beauty? Isnt she sexy? Gosh, she's totally the sex! She's so classy and responsive!

This SLK350 belongs to a friend of ours, and boyf gets to test drive it while I'm the passenger. (At that moment, I wish I had my license. Damn!)

There's another car (Mazda RX8) but I dropped off before boyf drove off to the main road because I saw XuanXuan (my nephew) and I played with him instead cause I rarely see him at all (I sat on the RX8 before, just not at a speeding speed, so it doesnt matter.)

After all the test driving, we had our movie date - Step Up: All in.
Review: dont expect too much for the storyline but the dance moves are crazily awesome.

Okay! That's it! Thanks for reading, loves!

Friday, September 5, 2014

I'm going Taiwan, any recommendations???

I'm going Taiwan (probably Taipei & Taichung) in January 2015 for 7 days 6 nights, there are 4 of us, any recommendations for
- the place to stay (homestay, hostel, hotel, whatever as long as it's cheap),
- where to visit (roughly how much time needed at this location)
- and what are the must eat (please provide me with the address if possible) .

Please let me know by commenting or if you blog about it before, appreciate if you can drop your direct link to you post.

Thanks for your time & your help are deeply appreciated.