Saturday, July 12, 2014

Bangkok - Day 3 & Day 4

Temple visiting day
We have a friend to arrange a driver who will bring us to different temples in Thailand.. But I cant rmb the names of the temples & where they are located.. Therefore photos are also in a mess..

The steps are really tall and steep.. It's really scary to walk down this flight of stairs..

We also gave some places a miss because tickets are needed, thus we find that it's kind of no point because we are only interested in praying? &Some of us are really sick therefore we rather save ourself and also $$..

Our stomach was really isnt feeling well & no appetite for lunch, therefore the driver also brought medicine for us, which it really helps (like immediate effect).. After the medicine & rest, we have the appetite to eat.. 

When Lena was in Bangkok, she told me that she's vomiting & having diarrhea.. I immediately introduce this medicine to her and she's says that it works really well on her too.. She even brought some back to Singapore.. This medicine can only be brought in their pharmacy.. 

Was suppose to have something light, but looking at the foods below, we gave up on our fish porridge..

Thanks our friend for helping us to arrange the driver, and also to help us communicate with the driver therefore he brought us the medicine..

Sponsored Review: Bio-essence Tanaka White

Double Whitening Day Cream SPF20
Visibly reduces dark spots and evens out skin tone

Thick & Creamy

Absorbant Rate
Almost instantly & No greasy feeling 
(but I think it's up to individual skin or probably the amount being applied, because my BFF, Lena, tried it before me and it absorb into my skin faster than hers..)

Ingredient & Product Benefits
  • SPF20 to protect against harmful UV rays.
  • Tanaka Extract - Shields skin from external pollutants, keeps skin cool and moisturized under hot weather
  • Tranexamic Acid - To Brighten and even out skin ton
  • Mineral Extract (Ginseng, Angelic & Gingko)
  • Lightens and prevents freckles, dark spots and pigmentation

Just apply daily on clean face. Smooth cream evenly onto face until fully absorbed.
Simple & don't be lazy!

I used to be super lazy when it comes to skincare, but once I started doing facial I know the importance of having daily cheap maintenance than monthly expensive facial. Not only are facial expensive, it's hard to look for one that's trustable and professional. 

What I meant by trustable is I heard from a friend of mine that the company she works in sell facial packages based on their customer earning power, so people will tends to pay more to the sales person than to what their face are receiving. 

So please do your own judgement & see if the facial or treatment that you are receiving, if it's worth the price.

4X Intensive White Serum
Fight Darkness on Outside, Work Fairness from Within

Super lightweight

Absorbant Rate
Instantly & effect is instant too.. No greasy feeling..
(BFF was surprised with the result too)

Tanaka Extract, Tranexamic Acid, Kojic Acid, Bio-Energy Fluid,
Alpha-Arbutin (9X more effective than Beta-Arbutin in skin whitening)

Product Benefits
  • Effectively lighten existing pigments and spots
  • Block tyrosinase and inhibits the production of melanin to prevent dark spots and reduce darkening after UV exposure
  • Even out skin tone, whiten & brighten complexion
  • Moisturizes and cools skin
In conclusion:
Skin exudes radiance, for a smooth, fair & healthy-looking complexion.
Skin's fairness intensifies for flawless fair skin which glows from within

Apply twice a day after cleansing.
Spread a sufficient amount of the serum evenly onto entire face.
Then, apply another layer over areas with dark spots & freckles.
Best Result: Use after Bio-essence Royal Jelly + ATP Deep Exfoliating Gel

Personally, I believed in Bio-essence products because personally I own the following too:
- Bird’s Nest Nutri-Collagen & Whitening Essence
- Deep Exfoliating Gel with ATP
- Radiant Youth Essence with ATP
- Face Lifting Cream with ATP

Probably a little too many.. lols.. Thats why together with Lena we came out with this conclusion that it's really easy to earn ladies money because we are constantly spending money on trying almost all the products in the market.. 

Reviews above are not bias and it's done together with Lena.. Future reviewing will also be done with her because her skin condition is different from mine.. 

Her's belongs to the really sensitive side and prone to outbreak (complete opposite of mine) and all products that she brought and not suitable, she will pass it to me.. lols.. So the reviews done will be more justifiable for you guys with different skin conditions out there..

Free sample can be obtained from but before that you have to like the page first. Try it & see for yourself!

If you are interested in the Bio-essence Tanaka White series, it's already available in the market.
Double Whitening Day Cream SPF 20 @ $29.80 / 50g
4X Intensive White Serum @ $45.80 / 30ml

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sponsored Review: Majolica Majorca Lash King & Perfect Automatic Liner #36

Even though this is a sponsored review, I promise that this will not be a bias review.

Majolica Majorca Lash King
Look at the end of the mascara brush! There's the 5mm super long fibers!
They will give you the super super long lashes!

As you can see, the left eye looked so much emphasise than the right. 
(Just in case you notice, that what I'm wearing is different~~ I actually changed after taking this picture..)

Not only does the mascara gives you length, it gives you volume too!

&&the brush coats the lashes evenly which ensures excellent lash catching and separation effect, 

It's also waterproof formula is also very resistant to sweat, sebum and tears (can cry while watching movies with boyf liao, no need scare mascara smudge.. lols)

At the same time of beautifying your eyes, it have these ingredients: Macadamia Nuts Oil, Vitamin E Derivative which gives your lashes a gentle treatment ingredients!

I'm totally loving everything about it!

Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner #36 (Ltd edition)
- Shimmering Pearl Color

It's a water-based dial-type eye liner allows you to EASILY draw fine, delicate lines or thick, bold lines with its felt pen bristles and it's very resistant to perspiration, skin oils and tears.

However, it will look kinda flaky..

Overall, my favourite product of the day would be the Majolica Majorca Lash King.. It's something that I will really use on a daily basis.

For the Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner #36, if you have a special event or party to attend to this will definitely be put into good use..

Lastly! Stand a chance to the Majolica Majorca Lash King by following the steps:
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These 2 products will be exclusively available in Watsons since 26 June 2014!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Bangkok - Day 2

Day 1:

Day 2
My boyf have an almost full day event, so I'm out with the guys.. Met up with the guys and we head out to get our breakfast..

For a lower cost hotel, I would recommend GLOW Pratunam Hotel. As Amari Watergate Hotel were fully booked, Fong & Chris have to check in a different hotel from us. (This will definitely be the first hotel that I will consider if I were to go back to BKK.)

After getting all the food, we decided to visit Fong & Chris's room. The room is very comfortable, clean and it's actually quite big. For the price, I would say that it is very worth it and it's just opposite to Platinum Fashion Mall, so it's damn convenient..

After our breakfast, together with the guys we went Platinum Shopping Mall again.. This time is more of the guys doing the shopping..

&for the first time, I'm going to the shop where the guys tailored their shirts, by taking their BTS (which is like our MRT)..

Above is the name card where guys make their shirts..

And it's dinner time:

We regret sitting in this small area becus it's filled with mosquitos! Our legs suffered :(
But the foods are good! We actually visit them again when the guys collect their shirts..
(I miss their thai milk tea.. Sorry but I dont have the exact address for this.. )
It's near the tailor, opposite of the main street.. &lots of westerners along the street..

After dinner, we head back to out Hotel and join the others partying at their dinner event. 

Before that, I was suppose to wait for the guys to change & we will go into the event together.. But my boyf asked me to pass some camera stuffs to him, so I went to the events hall myself first and my boyf colleague saw me.. I was literally being drag in by her (who was damn high) and kept asking to drink & dance.. 

It's one hell of a night and we all get to watch Fong battling on the dance floor with another guy & there are 2 drunkards:
- who he went quite a few rounds telling us to look after one another 
- another was drinking liquor and 'water spray' at victims around him

End it of with our group photo!

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