Monday, January 26, 2015

Taiwan - Taichung: Day 2 (Part 1)


This morning we had breakfast in our hotel & we left the hotel about 8am.

9.30am - 日月潭 Sun Moon Lake
It was really cold & foggy when we are there. Thus we failed to catch the scenic beauty and the boat ride have to be halt because of low visibility.  

10am - Board the boat (NT300 for round trip. Per trip NT100.)
This is island is called the Lalu island. 

Lalu island is a small island in Sun Moon Lake, Yuchi Township, Nantou, Taiwan. The island used to be much bigger, separating the lake into a part shaped like crescent moon and another part shaped like a round sun. When the island was still bigger, people used to live on it. 

Two events decreased the size of the island. First, construction of a dam in the 1930s raised the water level in the lake and thereby flooded almost the entire the island. In 1999 the island shrank again during the 921 earthquake which also destroyed the pavilion.

10.10am - First stop: 玄光寺
You must totally buy the 阿婆茶葉蛋, you wouldn't want to missed it. There's only one & only store there, so you won't miss it. On weekends I heard that there will be long queue. I ate like 2 or 3 of it.

11am - Second: 伊達邵

When you're here, you can try looking for this store. It's beside a 7-11 store.

The chicken wings are stuffed with rice and it's easy to eat. 
I would suggest that you ask for non or little chilli if you are not good with chilli.

Initially we wanted to take the cable car to 九族文化村 but the cable car is down for maintenance. So our driver drove us up instead.

12pm - 九族文化村 (NT780)

歡樂世界 Joy to the world

I always wanted to try how it feels to be on this. So when I saw this mini version I was damn happy because I dont dare to try the original version. hahaha!

Mini games like this, need to be paid. Per game basis.

There are other rides that we dont dare to go for, you can try when you are there. I feel that it's pretty worth it because of the rides and if you're interested to learn more about their different tribes & culture, you can take a cable car up & walk down the mountain (or maybe they do have bus rides to different tribes location). I am not too sure about this because we are not interested. The cable car within is free of charge.

 This is taken 1.30pm, can see that it's damn foggy.

Since I am in a foreign country, it's time to do some crazy stuffs (on stage) - of course there's no one around, it's pretty empty probably because we went on a weekday:

Lastly, you can take a walk in the 歐洲花園 European Garden. 
When you walk in, this is on the left & 歡樂世界 Joy to the world is on the right.

On my next post it will be on 18℃巧克力工房,老英格蘭,青青草原 & 小瑞士.
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Friday, January 23, 2015

Taiwan - Taichung: Day 1 (Part 2)

Read: Taiwan - Taichung: Day 1 (Part 1)

3pm - 新社古堡荘園 Summit Resort (Entrance fee NT250)
I think you can give it a miss, unless you are interested in what you see below. We went in walk around, feed the fishes..

After that we stop by 東東芋圓 for

{I simply grab this from google image because I didnt took any photos. Instead of having shaved ice, we had the Hot Grass Jelly. It's Grass Jelly in liquid form.}

The Orangey balls are Sweet Potato & the other balls is Yam

4.30pm - Carton King 紙箱王 (Entrance fee NT200)

Above are available for sale. Their stuffs make good souvenir and price are reasonable. 

After that we went to Feng Jia Night Market. You can settle your dinner @ Carton King (we had it on on our 2nd day), if not go ahead for the street food in Feng Jia Night Market. 

We didn't really spend much time there because it's too cold. Then we wanted to have steamboat which close at 10pm, we reached there 9.30pm and it's alrdy closed -.-

So something to note is that shops closes before their closing time in taichung. Have your dinner early, if not you will end up having KFC like us. (KFC is just opposite our hotel.)

If there is anything that you would like to know more or need translation for any parts, you can drop me a comment with your email (so I can reply you) or you can just email me :)