Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Stamp Collection


Long time since I'm here.. Having some free time from work, thus I'm here..

Just gonna post some photos that I took with instagram.. Will do so in period, because am kinda busy with work & school..

Just in case you havent follow me in instagram yet.. You can find me there, @unknownknockout.

So basically I starts to collect stamps because of Jiajia & Kaikai, they are the 2 new Pandas that joined Singapore Zoo this year.. Have yet to have the chance to see them personally though..

So meanwhile, I will just look at the soft toy that I left it in the office to keep me company ^^

Pandas - Collectors' Sheet

Pandas - First Day Cover

Pandas - First Day Cover (Inside)

Pandas - Maxicards

Pandas - Self-adhesive booklet & stamps

Pandas - Soft toy

Scenes of Local Markets - Presentation Pack 

Singapore-Brunei Joint Issue - Presentation Pack 

If you're interested in any of these stamps or wanna have a look at other stamps that available, you can check it out here: vPost (SingPost) ; they ship internationally too! :)

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