Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Daiso & 3D Nail Art / Nail Accessories

Last Saturday, I make a trip to Chinatown with BFF in search for 3D Nail Art / Nail Accessories because mine drop & CNY is not even here yet! (Blame boyf for trying to pull it out & it did eventually, the next day. Just blame boyf only.)

My friend told me there's a shop in Chinatown that specialize in all the nail stuffs, like a warehouse.. But I tried google-ing but to no avail, so I kinda give up~ &went shopping around instead..

Stepped into DAISO and below are my purchases..

Saw the Hello Kitty Toe Separator and went thinking, 
'Just nice lor! A few days back I was looking for it (at home) and I couldn't find. Buy!'  

Water Pack Jelly & Hyaluronic Acid Hand Cream,
'Use the Water Pack to exfoliate my hand and leg! Try see the hand cream good not! $2 only!'

I have no idea why I bought so many blusher, when I seldom use it. LOLS! 
'Aiya $2 only, just buy lah. CNY can use'

'Buy try try!'
&I just realised I bought the eyeliner in brown colour, I assume it was black when I bought it.

Conclusion: $2 only, just buy & try lah~!

Once we're done with Daiso, BFF say she will google it. And the next moment she said she found it!

I was like WTF?!
I have been trying to search for it and no results at all, she just took over the search and found it?!
(I google, 3D Nail Art Warehouse & she google, Nail accessories)

Well, I wouldn't recommend you guys to get it here unless you own a nail spa business.. It's not cheap for individual purchase (the more you buy, the cheaper it is)..

Each cost about $1.00 - $1.20

I think buy from here it's cheaper..

Comparing the ribbons (cause they dont have chanel),
Qoo10 - $0.40 or $0.44 / pcs (comes in a pack of 5) or $1.10 / pcs (comes in a pair)

Qoo10 also offers a more designs and you can shop comfortably at home. Whereas I had a backache as I spent quite awhile bending while choosing..

Share with me if you have any better recommendations!


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